Robert Dyer for Montgomery County Council At-Large 2014
I am officially a 2014 candidate for the Montgomery County Council (At-Large).

The incumbents have failed to attract a single major corporation to the county in over a decade. For the first time in Montgomery County history, no Chamber of Commerce has endorsed any of the incumbents - an astonishing vote of no-confidence by our business community in our so-called "leadership." Our traffic congestion has been rated the worst in America. And the Council's own report shows that Montgomery County Public Schools have declined since they took office 4 years ago.

I am running on a bold, progressive agenda with the following 3 priorities:


* I will only support a Purple Line with underground segments beneath Chevy Chase and Long Branch, and which preserves a Capital Crescent Trail tunnel beneath Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Our communities deserve the same protection as those along Baltimore's Red Line project are getting. Their Red Line will have extensive underground segments that are being funded by the residents of Chevy Chase, Long Branch and the rest of us in Montgomery County. Affordable housing and small businesses must be protected along the Purple Line as well

* Expand capacity on the Metro Red Line, especially north of Grosvenor, and seek dedicated funding for 8-car trains

* Expanded MARC service on the Brunswick Line, and improved parking at upcounty stations

* More bicycle infrastructure

* Build the Rockville Freeway, an extension of Montrose Parkway to the ICC via the Rockville Facility right-of-way

* Build a new Potomac River crossing. This will reduce traffic on the American Legion Bridge by 25%, according to a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments study. It will also jumpstart our county's moribund economy by giving us direct access to Dulles Airport, a must for the major corporations who are currently choosing Northern Virginia over Montgomery County

* Build the M-83 Highway that was promised to Clarksburg residents decades ago. The M-83 will reduce congestion on I-270, and will prevent my opponents' plan to destroy the rural character of the Goshen area

*A vote for Robert Dyer is a vote to kill BRT. My opponents' BRT plan will require demolition of 155+ homes and businesses between Olney and Wheaton, and will reduce automobile capacity on 355 and Georgia Avenue by 33% - crippling commuter traffic. Don't let it happen! Save homes by voting for Robert Dyer


a. 8 new revenue streams for affordable housing and transportation projects will be placed in 2 lockboxes. These dedicated funds will only be spent on construction of transportation and housing projects, or acquisition of existing affordable units.

b. New growth and development policies will incentivize construction of low-density, Levittown-style subdivisions. These will offer affordable, energy-efficient single-family homes, with lots sized to expand as families grow.

c. Protect existing affordable apartment complexes, and existing residential neighborhoods, from demolition and urbanization.

I am one of only 3 candidates running who supports the recommendations of the Tenants Work Group, appointed in 2008 by County Executive Ike Leggett. These common sense proposals will preserve affordable rental apartments, and protect tenants from negligent landlords. They will also prevent you from being evicted from your apartment simply because you complained about a problem. When my opponents tell you how "progressive" they are, just remember that - with the notable exceptions of Marc Elrich and Tim Willard - they all oppose the Tenant Work Group proposals.


a. Universal Pre-K for every child.

b. College education for every child.

c. Program that will link students from low-income areas to new, large firms that we will attract to the county. Some classrooms will be located right in the corporate headquarters, and these student internships and classes will give them an inside track to jobs with these firms after college.

Authority: Friends of Robert Dyer
D. Dyer, Treasurer
Robert Dyer
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